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Léo Favier / Ghost éditions

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Jungle, or clearing a path through the family trees with a machete is the story of a Christmas eve dinner in a farm in Southern France. This is the last time the family gathered in the farm owned by the grand father. Next year, it will be sold and the grand father will retire in a smaller house. Time has come to give a hand and move the furniture from the old house. During the dinner, the family members talk about wild animals, food, burglaries, housing, inheritance... until it is time to open the Christmas presents. Jungle is a book mixing different layers of artistic mediums: graphic design, photography, architectural schematics and models, and literature to talk about how a family diffuses its own culture and its language among its members in order to build some kind of identity, a surname, may be.
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19 x 27,5 cm / 72 pages / 200 ex.
Couverture : Offset
Pages intérieures : Risographie et offset